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There is an answer to all questions in this world

that is so simple yet complicated that religious leaders and thinkers

find it necessary to speak for weeks on end and write books about it.

This answer is so easy to understand that most humans cannot believe

that something so easy and simple could actually be enough.

It is however, the single most powerful thing in the entire universe.

This answer is, without a doubt, the essence of life eternal.

With it, all things are possible and nothing gets in the way.

Jesus said two things that are very appropriate for this.

He said, “For I am the way, the truth and the light…”

And  also, “Your faith has made you whole.”

To all questions, faith in Jesus, is the answer.

It is what made the blind man see

and the cripple man walk.

Faith in Jesus is what keeps all of humanity going.

Without faith we are merely the walking dead

waiting for our time to come to an end.

Without faith there is nothing to live for

and no reason to wake up tomorrow.

The only thing in the entire universe that you need is 

faith in Jesus.