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Seahorse Publications is a small press devoted to helping writers put their work in front of a worldwide audience.

Seahorse Publications is a resource for people to share useful and inspiring ideas on how to be happy and productive with work and life.

Seahorse Publications Blog is a key player in the work and productivity niche. It has an audience of professionals, business people, entrepreneurs and decision makers.

Why Contribute to Seahorse Publications Blog?
At this time, writers do not receive financial compensation for contributing to the site. However, contributors do receive value from the experience:

  1. Broad Exposure – Your writing and your name will be promoted to our subscribers, twitter followers and facebook friends.
  2. Permanent Links – We are a page rank site. As such, links back to your own site – such as links in your author bio — will receive link juice from being linked from our domain. This should help with your search engine rankings. The links you place will remain permanent.
  3. Traffic – From the author box, you can tell us about yourself including any links. If your writing is featured, you will increase your site traffic and increase subscribers.
  4. Update Bio – You are free to update your bio on SEAHORSE Publications Blog at anytime.
  5. Writing – If you want to become a professional writer, this can be an effective way to test the waters. We don’t accept all submissions, however, we do our best to give you useful feedback on how to be a better writer.

What We Are Looking for includes most all genres of information and we always welcome useful, helpful, and thoughtful writing on any of the following or related topics:

        Time Management
        Productivity tips, tools, apps.
        Work Life Balance
        Career Advancement
        Goal Setting
        Office Life Happiness
        Life Hacks

Writing Guidelines:
Short Paragraphs – Keep paragraphs to 3 sentences or less.
Word Count – Between 750 to 1500 words.
Clear, Concise & to the Point
Original Content – All submitted writing must not have been previously published elsewhere online. Please, no simultaneous submissions.
Reserve Self Promotion – Keep self promotion in the author bio only, instead of promoting your course, workshop, book or service in the article directly. This creates a better experience for the readers. If your writing resonated with them, they will want to learn more about you.
Formatting – Use bullet points, numbered lists, and section headings. Format headings with <h3> or header 3.
Story – Start the article with a story that draws us to the point of the article using your personal experience or start the article with a self-reflecting question to draw the reader into the topic.
Be You – The most important quality we look for is “Heart”. We want writing that comes from the heart—authentic, honest, and approachable. The best way to do this is to be yourself. Write as if you are having a conversation with a good friend who you want to share your thoughts with.
Document Requirement – All submissions must be in a word doc that ends with .doc or .docx. Font size: 12. Font type: Times New Roman. Font Color: Black. Line Spacing: Double. Paragraph Spacing: 2 line after paragraph.
Please add your BIO at the end of the same document. Name the document as the title of your post. Save as MS Word 2013 document.

Submit articles to ed@seahorse.pub with subject “Submission for Blog”.

*Please note at times it may take us three to four weeks to respond with a review.